Real-time localization
and digital labels

DIGETY's Intelligent Tag System (ITS) with Real-Time Location (RTLS) is a powerful platform for digital pricing and electronic labeling. With the help of real-time localization, it is possible to locate and track trackable labels in. This paves the way for the digitization of retail, industrial and many other industries that require item tracking or asset tracking.

DIGETY's digital labels enable electronic labeling for fashion, retail, industrial and healthcare.

The digital label, or tag, combines state-of-the-art wireless communication, full-resolution e-paper and low-power microcontroller technology into a smart label, making it a technolgoically, important key for asset tracking solutions.

DIGETY's servers take care of organizing and managing the electronic labels. Interfaces provided to the customer allow to manage all tags according to their own needs.

DIGETY tags can do more than just wireless communication. The implementation of state-of-the-art technology enables centimeter-precise location compared to other solutions based on received field strength (RSSI).

Advantages & Possibilities

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