Real-time locating system and electronic labels

Track every part of your processes - at any time.

Real-time visibility into your manufacturing and logistics operations gives you more control to do your job better, faster and safer.
Our system gives you a complete view of every detail of your production process, so you can see exactly when, where and why problems occur - in real time. With this actionable data, you have the power to immediately optimize processes to make your business safer, more efficient and more profitable.

The advantages of digital labels

More efficient processes

Identify inefficiencies by being able to track and monitor anything and everything in your production process at any time.

Increased security

Knowing the exact location of all people and machines in real time has a huge impact on your organization's ability to prevent and respond to emergency situations.

More profitable business

The control RTLS gives you to see, plan and optimize your processes is a game changer for increasing your bottom line.

1,5" HangTag

7,5" RackTag

4,2" RackTag

2,7" RackTag

1,5" RackTag

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Whether you need real-time tracking or rather just digital price labeling, DIGETY's reliable and flexible system adapts to your needs.