The first digital and trackable label for more profit

ESL redefined. Our localizable electronic tags and labels open up new applications for fashion, retail, industry and healthcare.

The first, localizable labels

DIGETY’s Intelligent Tag System is a powerful technology platform for trackable digital tags and the emerging position-based services and applications that result.

The system provides unified management of the tag, the content shown on the display, and real-time tag tracking with centimeter-level accuracy. Additional interfaces for implementing custom applications around tag management and location-based services enable retail and industry to run more efficient, secure and profitable processes.

Find what you are looking for.

  • Precise item location in real time
  • Informative walk-through analyses
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  • Permanent live inventory
  • Security through geofencing
  • Virtual zones for automated processes
  • Important insights from analytics of movement data
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Trackable labels

Our Intelligent Tag System provides you with deep insights, and shows you how to make your business even more profitable.

Increase efficiency and safety across divisions

… and much more

… and much more

… und vieles mehr

… und vieles mehr

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Whether you need real-time tracking or rather just digital price labeling, DIGETY's reliable and flexible system adapts to your needs.

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