Profit optimization for the stationary clothing retail trade through digital labels

Do you know it? Because of manual and too long lasting re-drawing processes, you often cannot adjust the sales price of your fashion articles fast and efficiently enough to the current market. With the help of our dynamic digital price labelling you can react to market changes within seconds, save time and resources and thus increase your profit!


Change prices within seconds

With our digital price labelling you can adjust your prices as often as you like and are always one step ahead of your competitors.


Update the prices of certain special offer goods within seconds.

Market price adjustment

Simply respond to market price changes and don't lose customers to online trading or your local competitor.

Demand adjustment

React dynamically to changing requirements situations. For example, if it starts to rain, you can change the price of umbrellas within seconds.

No more manual price conversions

Save your employees' valuable time and use it more efficiently - as a salesperson and not as a relabeller

Gain new insights

Our system offers deep insight into your business and shows how you can achieve even higher sales.

Support your employees in picking and your customers in purchasing. With our system you offer your employees and customers the possibility to see where items are and to find the fastest way to them.

With the route analysis you gain insight into where your customers are, which items are often tried on but rarely bought and much more.

Do you have to transfer articles between stores and often make mistakes? With our system, you register articles for transfer and we will let you know if not all articles are in the truck - even before the truck leaves the ramp. We also offer a live tracking system for the trucks so that you always know whether it is still worthwhile calling the driver back.

Our system carries out a continuous real-time inventory and compares the target stock with the actual stock. Trigger automatic reorders based on the real inventory and save time during the annual inventory.

Using intelligent algorithms, we continuously analyze your inventory, provide you with evidence videos and the type of stolen items - just in case.


With our software you always keep the overview and control over your business

Manage prices and other product information from anywhere - no matter where you are and for all your stores. Our cloud management platform is accessible over the Internet, providing valuable insight and enabling you to instantly send price updates, schedule pricing, analyze item movements, update design templates, tag items, and more.

Minimal infrastructure required
Minimal infrastructure required

Minimal infrastructure required

We avoid expensive and service-intensive infrastructure in your stores and offer you exactly the service you need. Our innovative cloud-based IoT system dynamically adapts to your needs - whether you have 10,000 or 500,000 items in your assortment.

Simple plug-and-play system

Step 1: Selection

Step 1: Selection

Select the appropriate electronic price tags and features together with us.

Step 2: Integration

Step 2: Integration

We offer you the appropriate interface and integration for your ERP system.
Our team takes care of the installation and commissioning of the infrastructure on site.

Step 3: Profit

Step 3: Profit

Increase your profits and benefit from insights into your business that you have never had before.

Rapid amortisation

With our system, you are able to optimize the key business figures and increase the yield. With the sustainable system you are well prepared for the future. A typical payback is expected after 2 to 4 years, and after the payback period, digital price marking will not only help you to continue saving time, but will continuously reduce your costs and increase your return on investment.


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Use the advantages of dynamic price adjustment and big-data analysis to make your trade fit for the future.

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