Advantages of trackable,
digital labels

When it comes to finding the right digital label for your application, many factors come into play. Some applications require the smallest hardware to be non-intrusive, while others require the largest display possible.

This is all valid, but the future should also be kept in mind - How will requirements change over time? How flexible will a solution be to support these requirements? With our system, you have an agile infrastructure that adapts to your growing requirements.

DIGETY allows positioning up to 10cm accuracy even in the most difficult environments


DIGETYs are suitable for any application. You can track the digital labels in real time and use them as digital labels at the same time.

Whether 1 or 100000 labels. Our system is suitable for all cases without worrying.

Choose from a wide range of hardware tags to suit your needs, or ask for your own solution to meet your requirements.

Increase efficiency and safety across divisions

… and much more

… and much more

… and much more

… and much more

1,5" HangTag

7,5" RackTag

4,2" RackTag

2,7" RackTag

1,5" RackTag