Real-time locating system and electronic labels

Faster and smoother

Monitoring every patient, every doctor and every piece of equipment in real time empowers hospitals to respond faster, run smoother and provide better care to patients.With our system, you can monitor every movement of every patient, doctor, machine and medication - in real time. So you have the precise control to make your hospital safer, make processes run smoother, and let the right people know exactly when and where they're needed to protect and save more patient lives.

The three keys

Faster, and better care

RTLS technology helps get the right medical staff and equipment to the right patient exactly when they need it.

Safe patients and employees

Monitoring the exact locations within your healthcare facility gives you more control to protect patients from infections, manage Covid-19 compliance and enforce strict safety measures.

Smooth & Cost-Effective Processes

Insights from real-time tracking can help you focus your time and money where it matters most and create streamlined processes for happier and more productive medical staff.

1,5" HangTag

7,5" RackTag

4,2" RackTag

2,7" RackTag

1,5" RackTag

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