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Real-time locating system and electronic labels

The problems in the local clothing trade

DIGETY tags can do more than just wireless communication. The implementation of state-of-the-art direction-finding technology enables real-time localization of hardware, with the help of appropriate infrastructure.

Manual processes

Because manual and too longlasting redesign processescanbesoldtothesellersoftheirsales price. Articleoftennotquicklyand efficientlyenough to adaptthecurrentmarket.

Expensive inventory

Annual inventory ties up staff, incurs high costs and provides no insight into how inventory differences have arisen over the year.

Unknown behavior

Retailers have little insight into the buying behavior of their customers and can therefore not respond to this to increase their sales.

High process costs

Manual stock transfers between stores and time-consuming article searches in the stores result in high process costs that reduce profits.

We have developed the solution

Digital Pricing

With our digital pricing, you can adjust your prices as often as you like and stay one step ahead of your competitors.

Real-time traceability

State-of-the-art real-time location technology for locating people and objects allows you to track clothing, service personnel and more.

Big Data Analytics

New insights and ... by processing millions of transaction data.

Unimagined possibilities

The combination of digital labels and their position detection in real time offers many new possibilities.

1,5" HangTag

7,5" RackTag

4,2" RackTag

2,7" RackTag

1,5" RackTag

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Whether you need real-time tracking or rather just digital price labeling, DIGETY's reliable and flexible system adapts to your needs.